Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whats up at Jewel

I haven't made a point of checking the wine section at other Jewel-Osco stores, but I discovered a few weeks ago that my local store has installed a wine cellar, and stocked it with several bottles of very high end California wines. Caymus, Beaulieu, Duckhorn, and others. All of them are in the $60-$100 range, and I just don't get it. I think these bottles are going to sit on the shelf taking up valuable retail space and will have slow turnover. I would be curious to hear from someone with a retail marketing background, who can explain this move. The only thing I can think is that less wine on the shelves means more room for intricate displays, and the hope is that the display will encourage someone to splurge, but it seems an odd move. I'm waiting for the idea to die off and the wines to go on clearance. Then I will hop around to every Jewel in town stocking up. ;) That'll be the day.

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Joe Jensen said...

These wines are on the shelves at Jewel and Dominicks because the are mass production wines. I wouldn't want to drink them at any closeout price! The best place to buy wine is at a small retail store where you get to know the buyer or at a Binny's where you develop a relationship with a wine consultant! Avoid corporate wines and drink wines made by small family owned wineries!