Monday, May 28, 2007

Quintessential California Chardonnay

I'm hosting a wine tasting at my house next weekend. The theme is Chardonnay NOT from California. I've had tons of oakey buttery chardonnays over the years, and I'd like to explore the world of Chardonnay outside a certain west coast growing region. There are tons of quality offerings out there. I'm having each of my guests bring a bottle of their choosing under $30. To go with that I'm taking 2 examples of California Chardonnay. I've already decided to grab a bottle of Montelena from my "cellar", but I'm stuck on the other one. I need to pick a bottle that represents everything people love about that ubiquitous California White, and do it for under $30. If anyone out there has a suggestion for the quintessential California Chard, let me know.