Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let it Snow

It snowed here last night. In fact it snowed quite a bit. Shoveling snow is one of my least favorite activities. When we bought a house, my wife sold me on it by telling me she would mow the grass and shovel the snow. Any married man knows exactly how long that lasted. The nice thing about the snow is that it puts me in the mood for a glass of red wine to warm up by the fire with. So after last night's shoveling I poured a glass of Concha Y' Toro Marquis De Casa Concha 2004 Merlot.

The wine, like the name, is a mouthful. I don't remember what I paid for this wine, but I'm guessing it was around $14. I have never had a wine so mouth coating for so little money. This wine was rich, tannic, and downright delicious. It oozed blackberries and chocolate, and had tannins the texture of those strings on a banana (thats a good thing). If shoveling snow makes every wine taste this good, I say "let it snow".

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