Wednesday, November 7, 2007


So, I've officially been saved. My weekend out of town has been whittled down to Friday and Saturday. What does that mean? Midwest Wine Expo here I come.

Also, I've been invited to attend (and I'll hopefully make it) a Crushpad tasting at Enoteca Roma. The tasting is only for people who made wine with Crushpad, or for those are thinking about it, and requires an RSVP. They are going to be at Pinot Days as well. You can find more info on all that here.

I will be posting later about my experiences with Crushpad. I get my wine some time next week. So far its been a fun experience, but I'm withholding judgment until the finished product has passed thru my lips.


Arthur said...

Are you having wine made at Crushpad?

razmaspaz said...

I sure am