Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Raising a Glass (Of Beer?) for the Cubbies

Living in Chicago has tested my baseball loyalties. I grew up a Braves fan. I've been following the Braves since the abysmal 80s, and celebrated while watching the Braves win 15 straight division championships. Through all of that my love of the team has not wavered.

When I moved to the Chicago area, I found a group of passionate fans who loved their losers, the Cubs. Its hard not to get swept up in all that passion. So I've become a closet Cubs fan. Sure I'm still watching the Braves every chance I get, and that will never change, but I've grown attached to this city, and by proxy, their teams. I'm a Bears fan, and a Cubs fan. If the Blackhawks would ever come on TV I might turn into a fan of them as well. Sorry Bulls, I'm never gonna love the NBA enough to care about you guys.

So tonight has me stuck in a dilemma. Its not a dilemma about who to root for, as you can rest assured I'll be rooting for the Cubs, its a dilemma about what to drink...As much as I love wine, and drink it every excuse I get, I just can't see myself watching a baseball game and drinking wine. Baseball, and more importantly PLAYOFF baseball, calls for something more sacred: Beer!

The natural beer choice is Old Style, but here is one of those times when I'm glad I wasn't born a Cubs fan. Call me crazy, but I prefer to taste my beer, and for my beer to taste good. Choosing a good tasting beer gets harder and harder every day. I think the micro/craft beer market is more crowded than the wine market these days. Fortunately it is October, and that really only leaves one choice as far as style: Oktoberfest!. I really don't think it is a coincidence that Oktoberfest and the playoffs are in the same month. Oktoberfest seems like the perfect pairing to a good baseball game, so tonight a trip to Sam's Wine is in order to pick up a six pack. So like a kid in the candy store, I'm headed out for some good baseball beer.

Wish me (and the Cubbies ) luck.


Velvet Fog said...

Come on over to the dark side.
Loving the Cubs sucks. It sucks so much its awesome.

Anonymous said...

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