Friday, August 17, 2007

Garden Fresh Market

I'm not a big fan of buying wine in the grocery store. The selection is usually unimaginative, small, and overpriced. Not to mention that in all likelihood the wine was not treated well on its way to the shelf.
With that disclaimer out of the way I've got a story to share about my shopping experience last night. I went to Garden Fresh Market in Mundelein last night. The store opened recently after Cub Foods closed. First of all, what a great store. The produce section is fabulous, and I think the prices seem reasonable. they have a huge meat counter, a nice looking deli, and a fabulous selection of international foods. There is a whole aisle of nothing but dried pastas from Italy (including what must have been a dozen different whole grain pasta brands).
The real highlight however was the wine section. They are light on high end wines, but the selection of $10-12 bottles is fabulous. They must have had at least 5 different Israeli wines, several wines that looked to be Georgian, and a great selection of value priced Chianti from Italy (no barollo or barbaresco though). If you haven't been into a Garden Fresh, I highly recommend you check it out. While you are there stop in to the wine aisle, and pick yourself a nice Georgian red , or a Chardonnay from the sea of Galilee.


Anonymous said...

You really need to watch out what you purchase at Garden Fresh Market at all of the locations. Their meat is not very fresh, and their produce, which is advertised as "the freshest" goes bad in your fridge after 2 days. Also, watch the expiration dates compared to other stores. You will find they purchase stock lifts and other goods expiring soon. You also might find products without expiration dates.

razmaspaz said...

Thanks for the tip. I haven't had any bad experience to date, but i use my produce right away. I also have not bought any meat there yet.

Leora said...

Interesting to know.

Anonymous said...

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