Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rosebud Steakhouse

Steakhouses are a complicated restaurant category these days. It used to be that the steakhouse represented the top of the American food chain. Steeped in tradition of dry aged beef, impeccable service, and great wine lists, there was nothing as impressive as a night out at a steakhouse. Foodies have moved from the steakhouse to more unique French infused bistro concept restaurants serving all kinds of blended cuisine. Less discerning diners have settled for cheap imitations like Longhorn and Outback, and the easily duped have cut a trail to the door of Ruth's Chris and Morton's, lulled by the high price tag feigning quality.

The first two I can understand, good food is good food, no matter where you get it, and I've been lured out of the steakhouse and into the afro-french-indian restaurant many a time. Additionally, if you just want a slab of meat, and don't care to debate the finer points of dry aged vs. wet aged, ribeye vs new york, why would you shell out $40 for a steak. Value is well earned by the bargain providers.

The last category though, the high end chain steakhouses, I don't get. I've had a Ruth's Chris steak, thankfully on someone else's tab, and it didn't measure up. Oven cooked does not a true steak make. And while Morton's delivers on the service in a big way, the steaks just don't stack up.

So it was that I arrived in a "situation" this last weekend. Looking for a date night worthy restaurant. A date night that, with two little kids, comes along once in a blue moon, I wanted the steakhouse experience. My wife and I found ourselves at Rosebud Steakhouse before a night at the theatre. Rosebud was amazing. We were treated to all the amenities that one would expect. Service was swift, unnoticed, and friendly. The wine we brought was treated with all the care of a $2400 bottle of Screaming Eagle, despite its $22 price tag, and most importantly the steaks were, well steaks. I don't think I have finished a 16oz New York since my high school track days. The sides were amazing, and the overall ambiance was great.

I can't recommend Rosebud enough. If you appreciate fine dining (not just good eating), and you appreciate a place that won't look down on you for bringing your own wine, you will enjoy it. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the wine was a 2009 Lapierre Morgon. The first I have opened in a while from the case I bought a while back.

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