Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wine Shop Discovery

I just got back from Lafayette, IN this weekend where I was visiting my in-laws. I've always brought wine with me when visiting in the past, but this weekend I went out to the Village Bottle Shop on Sagamore Parkway in West Lafayette. I went to Purdue, and so I never made it up this way for liquore purchases, preferring to stop in at the Village Bottle Shop on campus, or occasionally make the trek out to Bar Berry. When I walked in the door I was pleasantly surprised to find a fantastic selection of wines. I remember wondering while taking wine appreciation at Purdue "where does our professor buy his wines". Had I asked, I'm sure he would have said Village Bottle Shop. Its packed full of great wines. Prices were fair, selection was vast, and well curated, and the staff knew their way around it. If you happen to be down in Lafayette for any reason. Maybe you are headed south to watch your Wildcats get trounced by my Boilermakers, then be sure to stop in. The beer selection wasn't half bad either.

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