Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wine for the Next Generation

No I don't mean the millenials (sp?), I mean my next generation. My wife and I are having a baby. I'm really excited about it, as any expectant father would be. We are busy painting a nursery, and doing all the things hopeful parents do. I'm doing something a little different though. I'm hoping 2009 is a good year for the wine harvest. I'm sure there will be a good year somewhere in the world, but I'm hoping the traditional powerhouses have great years.

You see, I want to buy a case (or two or three) of wine for my little one. Wine is a family affair and I want to have some special bottles to share with my children over the years. What better way to share than wine from their birth year. My plan is to buy wine a couple years after my kid is born and keep it all the way to their wedding, doling out little bits along the way. I'm not exactly sure how to go about this, how much I will spend, what I will buy, and so on, but whatever it is I hope it will be special. Does anyone else out there do this? How has it worked out?

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