Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

So its that time. All the bloggers, and even those who don't blog, are putting together their list of New Year's resolutions. I figured I'd join in the fun and add mine to the fray. Its a simple list really:

  • Drink more wine - this one is obvious, and on the surface should be pretty easy. I want to drink more wine for the health benefits, for the pure enjoyment it brings me, and so that I learn more about my palate. 2007 brought about a revelation for me that I love Bordeaux. If I drink more 2008 might bring about a newfound appreciation for Italian or Chinese wine, who knows.
  • Stop Drinking Champagne - I've already shared my loathing of all things sparkling. Life's just too short to drink stuff I don't like. Parties, weddings, New Years, all of it, I'm just saying no.
  • Drink better wine - maybe more important than drinking more wine is the quality of the wine I drink. This goes hand in hand with the Champagne resolution, but its more generic. I want to be drinking the best wine I can get my hands on. Fortunately the best way to ensure that I'm drinking better wine is to make sure I'm sticking to my first resolution.
  • Explore more wine bars in Chicago - this one might be tough. This was one of my goals for 2007. I made it to a grand total of 1 this year. Next year is gonna be better. I'm planning to actively seek out and visit wine bars.
So there it is. My resolution list. What about you? What wine resolutions have you made for next year?

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