Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas Comes Early

Last year in August I signed up for the Cellar Rat's Pinot 2.0 Project. I've been waiting over a year for the wine to arrive, and today I find myself waiting like a kid on Christmas Eve. The wine is supposed to arrive at my office tomorrow. That means on Thursday I get to bring it home. I think its safe to say I'm giddy. I've been watching the FedEx tracking page intently since it shipped. According to FedEx its last known location was Reno, but I can taste an update coming any minute now.

I had some reservations about this whole project when I started. Would the wine be good, would Crushpad still be in business, what was then a long year away. Well Sunday's tasting party laid my fears to rest after I tasted a brilliantly made 2006 Sleepy Hollow Pinot Noir. I'm as excited as ever about the wine. Now if it would just hurry up and get here dammit.

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