Wednesday, September 26, 2007

$250 a taste

ENO in Chicago is offering what they call a once in a lifetime experience this Friday. They are opening a few bottle of 1945 Latour. The rub, its $250 a taste and $750 a glass. All I can say is "Geezus!". Would you ever pay $250 for a 2 oz. sample of wine? Seems if I could afford to drop that kind of money on a 2 oz. sample, I could afford the bottle (priced from $2500-$5800 on What are your thoughts? Are you going?

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DaJesus said...

I for one, am not going. The only wine I will pay $250 for is that stuff Jesus made at the wedding he was at. That stuff supposedly rocked!
How come no one has made a Jesus wine?