Thursday, July 26, 2007

Louis Jadot Macon-Village 2005

I don't typically pick up wines at the grocery store. It is impossible to know how they've been treated along their route, if there is a problem I have little confidence that I could return a corked bottle for a refund, and the selection is completely uninspiring. Yesterday was an exception. I was at the grocery store picking out some fresh fruit and cheese for dinner. I wanted to come home, sit on the back porch, and just unwind with a light meal. Everything I grabbed: peaches, mild cheddar, bread screamed white wine. I don't keep a ready supply of "Wednesday night" whites at the house, so the wine aisle called my name.

It is strange that with my affinity for unoaked, Burgundian style chardonnay that I have never had a Louis Jadot Macon-Village wine. Despite the fact that I have seen this wine on the shelves at Jewel hundreds of times before, I have always found an excuse to pass on it. Last night, with the wine on sale, I pulled the trigger. Boy have I been missing out.

This wine was exactly what I look for in a cheap white burgundy. It isn't mortgage my house, buy every case on the planet good, but it is a solid performer. Totally devoid of oak, this wine lets the chardonnay grape shine. There are wonderful fruit flavors that match with the peaches (or any other fresh fleshy fruits) I had. The acidity is crisp and lively which is great for a hot summer night, and it washes down a big chewy bite of sourdough like a champ.

I'm going to have to watch the sales on this wine, 'cause if I can find a good price I will certainly stock up. If you're looking to try an unoaked chardonnay, or just want a good value wine, I encourage to check this wine out.

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