Friday, June 22, 2007

Return to Tasting

Thursday night found me back out tasting wine. After a string of weekends out of town, I've finally had the time to get out tasting.
I set out to Sam's Wine in Highland Park for food and wine pairing put on by Dinner By Design and Sam's. When I arrived I found that Dinner by Design had rescheduled and Sam's had thrown together a selection of wines and some cheeses from their market.
The wines all fell in the $7-$25 range, and there wasn't anything in the tasting that was really memorable for me. There were some good "Tuesday Night wines" in the crowd, including a Water Color Pinot Noir, and a Sauv Blanc that I can't seem to recall the name of.
This was a great tasting to go and just enjoy some wines without really thinking about what I was drinking. I was impressed with how quickly Sam's threw something together and have to give credit to Ian, who i think engineered the last minute save, for putting out a great spread on such short notice.

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